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Dog and Cat Boarding vs Pet Sitting
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Making the decision about boarding your pet(s) or having a pet sitter care for them should be based on a number of factors, notably services provided, cost and convenience. When you are trying to get the most for your money, pet sitting offers so much more than a boarding kennel ever could. You're probably asking yourself, "What can pet sitting offer that boarding can't?" In a word, tons. While a kennel usually provides no more than just a place to sleep, a roof over Fido's head, and daily water refills, pet sitting provides private dog walks, play time, brushing, medication administration, and litter box cleaning in addition to maintaining your household.

A good pet sitter will offer to bring in your mail and newspaper, rotate lights and blinds, water plants, and check house security. No more putting your mail service on hold, coming home to dead plants, or having to drop off and pick up your stressed-out pets. With a professional pet sitter this is all taken care of for you.

Want the boarding kennel to administer medication? There will be an extra charge. How about extra play time? Another fee. And if you need to drop off your pet early, or pick them up late, you may be charged for an entire extra day!

So, as a pet sitter myself, I may be biased, but the proof is in the pudding – from the pet's increased happiness and reduced health risks to your own priceless peace of mind, hiring a petsitter is a great way to care for your pet while you're away from home.

     Benefits of pet sitting to your pet:

  •   Reduced stress
  •   Tailored care
  •   Less exposure to illness
  •   Personal attention, play time and love

     Benefits of pet sitting to you:

  •   No guilt from imposing on family members or neighbors
  •   No transportation concerns
  •   House sitting bonus
  •   Crime deterrent
  •   Peace of mind
  •   Daily pet update email with a photo (upon request)

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