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I met Mindy over 10 years ago when I first got my dog Milo - a six pound Shih Tzu who came into my life the day after my older sister left my life. Milo from day 1 has always had a special spirit (I know - everyone says that about their pets) but from day one, never barked and simply put, a gentle soul.

The first time I brought him in to be bathed, Mindy was at the counter and she was so gentle with Milo and she seemed to understand my concern about me leaving my "son" with the groomers for the day. From then on, I would take Milo there every Friday and he was always treated with kit gloves. When I would tell him it was "bath day"', he would - and still is very excited.

There were times I had to go out of town or go on vacation and Mindy was always happy to watch over him and always took the best care of him.

Fast forward to now, I moved to Maui 5 years ago and wasn't comfortable taking Milo with me at the time and left him with my aging Mother; she doesn't drive and Mindy offered to pick Milo up for his bath and return him the same day - now Mindy actually comes to Mom's house and bath's him there.

Suffice it to say, Mindy has been a Blessing to all of us and I give Mindy highest cudos for her compassion for Milo but from what I know - all the creatures she comes in contact with. My sincere thank you Mindy.

Gary - Lahaina, Maui
I have used Mindy's services for over 10 years as a pet sitter.  I own dogs, cats and fish.  Mindy does a great job and is very competent.  I have had several unusual personality, hard to handle dogs that require special understanding and handling.  Mindy was always able to handle all of them.   I have had Mindy visit twice daily and also at times stay at my house.  I always feel the best when she stays at my home for the duration of my absence.  I think it is the best for the pets along with my peace of mind.   I highly recommend her services.

Jo Beth - Los Gatos, CA
We have used Mindy's Pet Sitting for more years than I can remember.  We are now on our third cat with Mindy.  I can't say enough about how great Mindy is.  She is reliable, responsive and super caring.  You know how you normally come home from vacation and your cat is all angry at you for being away?  With Mindy, you come home and your cat looks at you and says "Oh it's you, where's Mindy?"  She spends the time with your pets that they need so there is no destructive behavior or boredom.  In addition, she goes the extra mile.  One of our cats had a major illness when we were in Europe, and Mindy took her to the vet, nursed her through, and stayed at our house to make sure she was ok.  I know I can trust my cats with Mindy anytime.

Carol Ann - Los Gatos, CA
I have used Mindy as my pet sitter for about 14 years.  She has been my one and only pet sitter.  I'm now on my second cat with Mindy.  Mindy has always come twice a day, since I need the cat door closed at night.   My first cat wasn't too warm with people, but he really liked Mindy.  The same goes for my second cat.  Mindy is the only pet sitter I will use.  When my first cat became a very senior citizen, Mindy even gave him his medication.  Over the years, I have found her to be very responsible, caring, and reliable.  One time my first cat decided he didn't want to come in at night so Mindy called me, after she had been over to the house twice that evening, to let me know and to see how to handle the situation.   I know that when I am away, if anything comes up, she will give me a call.   Mindy not only will take care of my cat, but will bring in the junk they place on my front step, bring in my mail, and even do some light watering of plants.   I am totally at peace going away and leaving my cat in her care.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a pet sitter.

Nancy - San Jose, CA